Becky Huang       Chinese Teacher, Founder


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Aside from her educational experience, Becky has also worked for one of the biggest business to business trade companies in China, Global Sources. The knowledge she gained by working for Global Sources lets her better understand the educational needs of her students. Her unique combination of educational experience and business insight allows her to provide her students the optimal tools needed to be successful.

 Cecily Zhang     Chinese Course consultant 


Cecily  has  worked for an American owned Chinese language institute and an international cultural exchange institute as a student affairs manager and a Chinese course consultant. Her vast experience working for international and educational companies allows her the ability to relate to her students. She understands how Western companies operate and what is needed for Westerners to be successful in China.

Graduated with B.A. in Business English, she has not only mastered the English language, but has also developed a great passion for different cultures. Having traveled throughout China and Southeast Asia, Cecily has not only fallen in love with other cultures, but has learned to fully appreciate her own Chinese culture. Her passion to share her country’s rich culture with her students translates into great educational opportunity.

Susan Li    Chinese Teacher

Susan_副本Majored in English with TEM8 certificate and gained the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages by Confucius Institute, the love and the rich experience in teaching Chinese has given Susan confidence to guide and activate her students with creative teaching methods.

Aside from teaching Chinese, she also would like to share the magical Chinese culture and the amazing scenery in Yangshuo with you.



Magic Jiang     Chinese Teacher

Magic2Magic gained the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages by Confucius Institute . With more than four years teaching experience, Magic uses a humorous but effective method to help students achieve their language learning goals. In her classes you will learn interesting stories about Chinese language and culture. With Magic’s warm smile and gentle approach, she hopes to encourage everybody at Marco Polo Mandarin to successfully improve their Chinese. Magic enjoys singing, folk dancing and Chinese calligraphy; she loves to share these experiences with others.


Sophia Yin      Chinese Teacher     

Sophia_副本Sophia gained the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages by Confucius Institute . Throughout her years of teaching Chinese, Sophia has helped many students improve their Chinese in an effective way. Sophia is a very friendly and patient teacher who is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals. For Sophia, teaching is a really wonderful job; she particularly enjoys teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language because the combination of Western culture and Chinese culture always gives her a new perspective on life.


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