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My name is Becky Huang from Yangshuo, China.

China has an old saying “有缘千里来相会 Yǒu yuán qiānlǐ lái xiànghuì ” , which means “Destiny travels a thousand miles to meet”. I really believe it was destiny that has allowed me to meet friends from all around the world here in beautiful Yangshuo.

Teaching Experience

国际汉语教师证_副本I started teaching foreigners Mandarin in 2010. Confucius says: “Teach according to ability” or teach students according to their particular situation using different teaching methods. When I am teaching I always want to first understand a student’s background, personality, way of thinking, learning needs, study habits and then decide on the right teaching method.

To make my Survival Chinese courses more practical, my five colleagues and I wrote a Traveling Chinese book, which covers twelve topics that we believe one must learn in order to travel freely in China.  Since I sometimes travel with my students to other parts of China this is an area of particular interest for me.

Before becoming a Chinese teacher, I worked in Shenzen at a traditional Chinese company and a foreign company and was particularly interested in the cultural differences between the two working environments. In order make my Chinese business courses more useful, I took courses related to foreign trade, helped several students prepare course material, met with suppliers and took part in exhibitions.

Educational Background


In 2008 I graduated from South-Central University For Nationalities. During my studies I became a licensed tour guide and had the opportunity to do a two-year tour.I guided tours in Beijing, Luoyang, Nanchang, Yunnan and other places. Every year I travelled at home and abroad which gave me a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the differences between Chinese and foreign cultures.


Interests and Hobbies


I started practicing calligraphy from the age of five. After I started teaching Chinese to foreigners I became even more interested in traditional Chinese culture. In 2013, I was lucky enough to meet my first Chinese painting teacher. She is one of my Australian students who studied Chinese painting for 2 years with a famous Chinese painter.She found it difficult to remember Chinese words. So I taught her some specialized vocabulary of Chinese painting and then let her teach me to paint in Chinese. That way she was able to very quickly remember the grammar and vocabulary and I quickly fell in love with Chinese painting. Over the last four years, I have continually been practicing Chinese painting. I feel a special peace of mind when I am painting. Anyway, We always need to come back to zero again and again and keep an empty-cup mindset when practicing Chinese painting. Since April 2017, I’m learning Chinese painting with professor He Shanlin, who is a famous Chinese painter in modern time .


My People


I was born into a Yao family. Yao women have long hair, hair dressing customs and secret hair care recipes. We usually don’t cut our hair until the age of 18. By that time the cut hair should have a length of between 1.4 and 1.8 meters. After marriage the cut hair along with the new hair is wrapped on top of the head.We have a unique hair shampoo called Taomi Shui that is used once every 3 days. Taomi Shui is made with fermented orange and grapefruit peels. It keeps the hair black and shiny. Long hair is a symbol of longevity in the Yao culture.



We welcome you to beautiful Yangshuo to learn Chinese. We will do everything we can to make the most of your educational experience.

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