Chinese Calligraphy and painting lessons

HAIHUA ZHANG and BAKER GEOFF in their book Think Like Chinese say “the three most important Chinese philosophies are Confucianism Taoism, and Buddhism. Confucianism is related to country; Daoism for the body and Buddhism for the soul.” Our Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting courses are designed for people who are interested in Chinese culture. You can enroll in a basic Chinese Culture experiential introduction course, or in a long-term curriculum.

In Chinese we have a saying “shū huà tóng yuán “, which means Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting are from the same origin. In both Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy, we follow the law of the nature, we write or paint who we are, we try to find  inner peace and understand the law of life by practicing.

Calligraphy Class

Learn the basic strokes of Chinese characters and practice writing Chinese scripts.

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Traditional Chinese painting

Learn basic Chinese painting techniques and appreciate the beauty of the Chinese paintings which are the perfect illustration of harmony among diversity.



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